RCbenchmark motor and propeller database

Our goal is to offer a community-driven database, where anyone can upload and share their test data, greatly reducing the trial-and-error process typically required to optimize the propulsion system of your UAVs.

206 electric propulsion systems tested

Public tests were uploaded with a total of 34048 data samples.

115 drone parts in the database

- 34 brushess motors
- 61 propellers for drone
- 20 Electronic speed controllers for UAVs

Top 3 uploaders

- 59 tests: Julien Lariviere-Chartier
- 55 tests: Rob Hessler
- 22 tests: Gabrielle Tachet

Highest 3 thrusts tested

- 77 kgf: U15XXL with 62" prop
- 48 kgf: U15XXL and 62"Prop from T-motor
- 42 kgf: TA130-25 Kv80 Xoar47x10 T-motor U15 Kv80 Xoar40x10
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Electric propulsion system with the best flight time

Assuming 5 inches propellers and a constant hover with a powertrain thrust of 1kgf, with no extra control authority.
- 2.94 gf/W at 1 kgf thrust: DYS Samguk Wei HQ 5040
- 2.86 gf/W at 1 kgf thrust: DYS Samguk Wei Dal Cyclone 5040
- 2.81 gf/W at 1 kgf thrust: DYS Samguk Wei HQ 5043
- More: extract custom data with advanced filtering

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