RCbenchmark database

Whether you need to increase the flight-time or lift capacity or even absolute power, one difficult aspect when building UAVs or FPV quadcopters is to get data on the performance of motors and propellers.

Getting the data directly from manufacturers or sellers is not always reliable, and is usually incomplete to properly compare or calculate the performance of your electric propulsion system.

Our goal is to offer a community-driven database, where many users uploading data for the same components will make it easy to separate factual and biased benchmarks.

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This database is still in alpha stage. Please understand many features are still missing.

Eventual features:

  • Custom units (Kg, pounds, etc...)
  • Comparison of multiple benchmarks
  • Custom plots
  • Sharing and embedding
  • Parametric search
  • Private test data
  • Upvoting and downvoting data
  • Data analysis
  • Component selection wizards
  • Much more...

Vote for features

Feature requests will ensure the database evolves the way you want it.
Tell us your ideas or vote for existing ones in our feedback tracker.