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Our goal is to offer a community-driven database, where anyone can upload and share their test data, greatly reducing the trial-and-error process typically required to optimize the propulsion system of your UAVs.

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1279 electric propulsion systems tested

Public tests were uploaded with a total of 142744 data samples.

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Longest flight time for a 5 inch propeller, with 1 kg of thrust

The longest UAV flight time is achieved by finding the most power efficient powertrain in the intended working conditions, while satisfying all the design criteria. The results below assume 5 inches propellers and a constant hover with a powertrain thrust of 1kgf, with no extra control authority. The first result is the most efficient one, yielding the longest flight time.

- 2.94 gf/W at 1 kgf thrust: DYS Samguk Wei HQ 5040
- 2.86 gf/W at 1 kgf thrust: DYS Samguk Wei Dal Cyclone 5040
- 2.81 gf/W at 1 kgf thrust: DYS Samguk Wei HQ 5043
- 2.78 gf/W at 1 kgf thrust: DYS Samguk Wei Dal Cyclone 5045
- 2.74 gf/W at 1 kgf thrust: DYS Samguk Wei HQ 5045
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244 drone parts in the database

Help us grow this database by adding more UAV and drone components, or by uploading test data.

- 80 electric brushless motors
- 126 propellers for drone
- 38 electronic speed controllers (ESCs) for UAVs

Top 5 uploaders

Thank you to all the contributors.

- 309 tests: Sean Kovacs
- 152 tests: Johann Prunet
- 144 tests: pu jiao
- 74 tests: Jason Ellis
- 60 tests: Rick

5 biggest propellers tested

When designing a drone or UAV propulsion system, the first step would be to pick the most efficient propeller capable of generating the required thrust. Then pick the most efficient motor in the same operating conditions as the propeller (same torque/speed).

- 77 kgf: T-Motor 62"x24" CF
- 32 kgf: Xoar PJP-T-L 40"x10"
- 28 kgf: Xoar PJP-T-L 47"x10"
- 27 kgf: Xoar PJP-T 36x12 prop
- 19 kgf: Xoar PJP-T-L 34"x14"
- More: all propellers

5 biggest brushless motors tested

The Tyto Robotics brushless motor database will help you find multiple tests of electric motors that have been done with Tyto Robotics thrust stands. Among them you can find some powerful electric motors available on the market:

- 13668 W: T-Motor U15XXL Kv29
- 5592 W: Xoar TA110-20 KV80
- 4309 W: Xoar TA130-25 KV80
- 4225 W: T-Motor U15 V1
- 2315 W: T-Motor U15 V2
- More: all motors

Highest 5 thrusts tested

Here are the top thrust propulsion systems in the database. The results include multi rotor propulsion systems.

- 77 kgf: U15XXL with 62" prop
- 48 kgf: U15XXL and 62"Prop from T-motor
- 42 kgf: TA130-25 Kv80 Xoar47x10 T-motor U15 Kv80 Xoar40x10
- 42 kgf: Vary Speed - Xoar Coaxial 47 and 40 inch prop
- 39 kgf: TA130-25 Kv80 Xoar47x10 T-motor U15 Kv80 Xoar40x10
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